Lam Luk Ka Country Club
Championship Course

The Championship Course places a premium on driving the ball long and straight. Host of the 2002 Thailand PGA Championship, Lam Luk Ka's Course will punish errant golf shots, but make for an enjoyable round if played from the somewhat friendlier white tees. The back nine is considered one of the best in Thailand, ending with a dramatic risk-reward Par 5. Lam Luk Ka's Championship East Course remains one of Thailand's most challenging layouts.
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Hole 1


  West Course Hole 1 347 Yards

A demanding short Par 4 that demands accuracy off the tee to avoid the water left and right. Smart players hit a long or middle iron and leave themselves a longer approach. If your tee shot is down on the left side of the fairway, you'll need to hit more club because the green is elevated. Do not leave your approach short as this will require a very difficult bunker shot at best.

Hole 2

Go to top  West Course Hole 2 383 Yards

Position your drive between the 140 and 120 yard area to avoid both fairway bunkers as you will want to be in the fairway to hit your approach shot to this peninsula type green. Water guards the left side of the green so aim for the right side of the green regardless of where the pin is.

Hole 3


Go to top West Course Hole 3 180 Yards

A straight forward Par 3 that requires a middle iron into a narrow green guarded by bunkers front and right and mounding on the left. The play is to aim at the left portion of the green and hit a soft fade.

Hole 4


Go to top  West Course Hole 4 496 Yards

Perhaps the best Par 5 on the West Course. The key is to hit the fairway with your tee shot, because water guards the entire left side of the hole, and anything right is most likely going to force you to aim at the water for your lay-up. It is a difficult approach shot with a bunker and mounding guarding the front right of the green, with water and bunkering guarding the left.

Hole 5


Go to top  West Course Hole 5 385 Yards

One of the few opportunities to stand on the tee and rip it. Aim at the right corner of the left fairway bunker and hit a power fade as you want to be as close to this green as possible. The green is slightly elevated so hit half a club more as anything short will roll back to you and make for a very difficult 3rd shot.

Hole 6


Go to top  West Course Hole 6 381 Yards

The driving area is generous but try to position your tee shot on the right side of the fairway. Hit a soft draw into this green and avoid the bunkers on the left at all cost. Ensure you pick out a spot to aim at for the tee shot as the tendency on an open hole such as this is to just hit it without aiming.

Hole 7


Go to top  West Course Hole 7 175 Yards

Short Par 3 surrounded by trouble. It's a rarity to see anybody long on this hole, so hit one more club than usual, especially as it usually plays into the prevailing wind. The green is flat but a relatively large target to aim at.

Hole 8


Go to top  West Course Hole 8 516 Yards

A Short par 5 that is reachable. The key is not to try to get too much out of your tee shot because if you miss the fairway your chances of going for the green in two disappear. Aim your approach at the left side of the green and hit a fade into this r-shaped green, It's better to be in the front green-side bunker than missing your approach left.

Hole 9


Go to top  West Course Hole 9 415 Yards

A very difficult finishing hole where you should consider hitting a 3-wood off the tee, aiming down the left side of the fairway. Pay special attention to your aim to ensure you give yourself the best chance to hit it straight. If you miss the fairway consider laying up short of the creek that bisects the fairway. The front portion of the green slopes from front to back which makes it difficult to get the ball close to a front pin location.

Hole 10


Go to top  East Course Hole 10 381 Yards

Aim at the fairway bunker on the left and hit a little cut shot off the tee. It's better to be on the left side of the fairway to ensure you don't get blocked by the trees on the corner of the dogleg. This will leave you longer approach shot but is the smart play off the tee. the green is large with large with a large ridge running across the center of the green, so make sure your approach is on the right portion of the green.

Hole 11


Go to top  East Course Hole 11 505 Yards

Water guards both sides of the fairway so you must drive it straight. For most players this hole is a lay-up hole anyway so consider hitting 3-wood off the tee which will give you a bigger landing area. Hit a middle iron to lay-up and try to keep your approach into the green left of the hole.

Hole 12


Go to top  East Course Hole 12 153 Yards

it is vital you keep the ball below the hole, and preferably to the right, although water guards the green right which is not visible from the tee. Anything left and/or long will require some type of amazing recovery for Par.

Hole 13


Go to top  East Course Hole 13 418 Yards

A difficult driving hole where you must ensure you're on the right side of the fairway so as not to get blocked by the trees on the left side. The hole tends to play uphill and with a back pin location hit two or three more clubs than usual. Avoid missing the green right when the pin is at the front.

Hole 14


Go to top  East Course Hole 14 390 Yards

he only place you can't make par from is from the left swamp, so ensure your drive is aimed down the right side of the fairway, which is also the best place to hit your approach from. Aim at the right side of the green as a deep bunker guards the front left of the green.

Hole 15


Go to top  East Course Hole 15 367 Yards

A short hole where longer hitters can fly the fairway bunker on the left, but can also reach the water, which cuts into the driving area of longer hitters. Hit a 3 wood or long iron of the tee as it's important to play your approach from the fairway because although the green is large , the shot is intimidating. Do not shoot at the sucker-pack pin.

Hole 16


Go to top  East Course Hole 16 187 Yards

A relatively straight-forward par 3, with a large green. Ensure you keep your tee shot out of the bunkers on the right side of the hole. Anything left and short is a simple up and down for par.

Hole 17


Go to top  East Course Hole 17 396 Yards

Longer hitters can try to cut the corner of this dogleg right hole, although the smart play is a 3 wood aimed 10-15 yards left of the corner. Make sure your tee shot is center or on the left side of the fairway as shorter hitters can get blocked by trees on the right. Again the green slopes from back to front so keep your approach shot below the hole.

Hole 18


Go to top  East Course Hole 18 534 Yards

Ensure your tee shot is positioned on the right side of the fairway as anything left will cause you problems with your lay-up shot. Only the longest of hitters should attempt to fly the bunker guarding the dogleg. The green is undulating and it takes a great shot to get it close to any pin location.